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How to Build a Butterfly House

A butterfly house can help to spruce up your garden by adding a landscaping element. This particular butterfly house can be made with scraps lying around your house. The finished product will have a country look to it.

During the fall, butterflies start preparing to go dormant for the winter. However, these can make a great birthday or Christmas gift as well, so we wanted to share it with you. There are many great variations on butterfly house plans, but the great thing about them is that all of the variations are easy to build and can make a great craft project for a free afternoon. Who knows… You could make hundreds in your garage over the winter and be running your own butterfly house business before long!

You need:

◾ Craft wood ¼” thick
◾ Wood glue
◾ Nail gun
◾ Drill with drill bits
◾ Small hinges
◾ Fake butterflies for decoration
◾ Acrylic paint of your choice
OPTIONAL: Paint sticks or tongue depressors to make shingles for the roof
◾ Craft wood stick pieces
◾ 4’ wooden dowel


🔴 Cut the pieces of wood in the size that you would like.

🟠 Put the wood pieces together to create a square house.

🟡 Use wood glue to put together the structure, then add a nail gun to assure that it’s in place.

🟢 Do the same thing for a roof.

🔵 Paint a bright color.

🟣 Add a couple of fake butterflies to the outside to invite them in.

🟤 Add some fake branches, bark and pieces of wood to the inside to give them a place to

⚫ Drill holes in the bottom for drainage.

⚪ Drill holes in the bottom for a post.

Hanging your butterfly house is easy. The best place to put it is near a butterfly bush or another area they frequent. You can hang the butterfly house from a tree limb, but the best course of action is to affix it to a pole or tall, wooden stake close to the butterfly bush.

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