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How To Remove Berry Stains From Hands And Clothes

I’m sure you also like berries. They are delicious and have plenty of health benefits. They have antioxidant properties, so they protect you from any disease. However, even if you cook or simply eat berries, your hands and clothes will be severely stained, and these stains are very difficult to …

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How To Remove Those Pesky Coffee Stains From Upholstery Sofa

The living-room sofa is the most loved piece of furniture from your house, because we spend here most of the time, relaxing in front of the TV or socializing with our family members for a coffee. Therefore, the most “popular” and “dangerous” stain for the sofa is the coffee stain. …

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How To Easily Remove Sharpie Traces From Everything

Hmm, those little and adorable kids of yours, just discover their drawing talent and you found this out from those marker traces on your furniture? Don’t get annoyed, because I have the saving solution in getting rid of those Sharpie traces from your furniture or from other object in your …

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