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How Do You Clean The Dust From The Leaves Of Houseplants?

Dust on the leaves of houseplants is a problem. It is hard to clean; some plants do not tolerate wet leaves and, in addition, is a constant required operation, at least once every two weeks. Why should you clean the dust from the leaves of houseplants? Dust can block breathing …

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How to Clean Sofa Covers

Most times, the sofa covers is an element of attraction for the room but are also the most challenging in terms of maintenance and it requires a lot of attention when it comes to clean. Most covers are pre-washed sofa factory, and this prevents material decrease in subsequent washings. If …

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How To Clean Curtains And Blinds

Window decoration is not only for decorative purposes. It allows you to control the amount of light entering the room, which is essential to avoid furniture or bleach stains on the floor because of the sun, but also to maintain a certain degree of privacy. All parts should be decorative …

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Clean With Lemon. 13 Practical And Ecological Solutions

Learn how you can clean with lemon virtually everything in the house. Instead of cleaning classic products you can make your own solutions, organic, natural fragrance that works perfectly. Just like in the commercials of chemicals, maybe even better. Grout between tiles can be cleaned with lemon juice. You can …

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10 Steps To Get Rid Of Allergens In Your Home

For allergic people, every day is a challenge, because even in their own home they are not exempt from dangers. For this reason if you or someone in your family is allergic you must constantly have a well-defined system to get rid of allergens in the home. If you follow …

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